• Rural Women

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
    livelihoods for Rural Women

  • Received
    National Award in 2010


To facilitate eco-friendly and sustainable livelihoods for empowerment of Rural Women through appropriate and cost-effective technological inventions and Skill development programs.

  • To create adequate awareness and understanding about development opportunities under various sectors.
  • To facilitate initiatives for development of vulnerable sections through Public- Private Partnership..
  • To facilitate a network of skill development organizations in Government and Private Sectors for providing and upgrading skills for self-employment among rural youth.
  • To facilitate formation and promotion of SHG’s in rural and tribal areas for availing the benefits of subsidies and interest free financial assistance to take-up self-employment activities.
  • To create conduce and enabling environment for disadvantaged sections to take part in the planning and implementation of rural development schemes.
  • To showcase and demonstrate appropriate eco-friendly rural technologies for value addition and maximizing the productivity in agriculture and artisan sectors.

Rural Women Empowerment

Over the years, Annapurna Cottage Industries has evolved..

Leaf Plate

Abundantly available agricultural and forest based products like leaves of Beautia..

Leaf Plate Making Machine

The leaf plate making is manually operated with minimum power consumption..

R & D

Mud block making machine invented by Annapurna Cottage Industries