R & D

Mud block making machine invented by Annapurna Cottage Industries

  • NIRDPR & ACI has developed 2 variants of this machine
  • It can produce, mud blocks, paver tiles, floor tiles and roof tiles
  • The machine runs of 2 HP single phase motor and hydraulic system
  • Approximate cost: Rs.1.25 lakhs (single mould) & R.2.50 lakhs (double mould)


  • Reduces human effort
  • Increases productivity by 3-5 times
  • Cost is comparible to manually operated machines
  • Local entrepreneurs especially women SHGs can run the business at ease
  • Local production of mud blocks for promoting sustainable housing

Annatto seed breaker machine developed by ACI in collaboration with CFTRI

In present age, this seed is broken in a traditional way which is time-consuming, laborious and not effective for women.

With this machine, women will be free of all above problems. This machine automatically performs all duties such as breaking the shell, grading the dust and separates fine quality seed. 0% wastage.