Rural Women Empowerment

Over the years, Annapurna Cottage Industries has evolved in to design of Biodegradable Leaf Plates supply of machinery, established procurement of raw material, marketing channels and training end empowering rural women for setting up self-help centre.

Uniqueness of the product & the proposal

  • Bio-Degradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fulfils moral obligation to be socially responsible
  • Alternative to usage of Plastic coated plates
  • Wastage trims are converted in to paper which is reusable
  • Women love to work for this industry
  • Primary collectors and leaf stitching processors will maintain good health, unlike Beedi workers. (Primary collector of Beedi leaf and its processors are facing lot of health issues like cancer etc.,). Many medical values to the end-user.

Promoter Credentials as Resource Coordinator

With about 30 years experience in the same line of activity, the CEO of the company Mr. R.D Raj was involved in 100’s of training camPs and imparted training to about 100,000 rural/Tribal youth in various states like: AP, Telangana, Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc.,

Raj is the Resource coordinator in the following Organisations:


History of Projects handled

  • DRDA : Trained 15,000 persons during 1991-94 at Nizamabad, Karimnagar,Warangal, Srikakulam and Nalgonda
  • NIRD & PR : Handled a good number of classes on this subject in both National and International Training program conducted by NIRD & PR, Every year a good number of study com-exposure visit are conducted at our Annapurna Cottage Industries
  • ORMAS : A special project designed for ORMAS was taken up for training 25000 women which was witnessed by the parliamentary Committee led by Hon’ble Central Minister Mrs. Margaret Alwa
  • ITDA : Trained 1000 persons during 1990-93 at Badrachalam, Paderu
  • GCC (Girijan Co-operative corporation) : Trained 2000 persons during 2000-2001 at Araku and Rampachodavaram
  • AP COST : Trained in 30 Mandals under ‘Sampada’ Project (photo) during 1995-97 in Telangana.
  • NABARD : Taken up leaf plate making program for tribals Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram Districts
  • CREDA : Introduce in leaf plates making to farmers in Nalgonda & Ranga Reddy Districts.
  • National Award in Special Category for imparting training and providing self-employment to highest number of SHG in 2010.
  • Representation and best performance during 9th SAARC Trade Fair 2009.


The existing marketing channels developed over the last 30 years will be harnessed further:

  • Appointment of Super stockiest at state level
  • 10 stockists under the umbrella of super level
  • 200 retails out-lets

Institution sale: Temples, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Tourism spots etc

App Development

We propose an app by which lot of sales personals, students and representatives will benefit. This is one of the best way of sales promotion.

Presently we are having a channel by which we export leaf plates to Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and USA.

Process- Flow of Operations at the cluster level

The process of the cluster of SHC’s from the villages with level 300 population is as follows:

  • Raw leaves collection from the forest
  • Grading of leaves, drying in cool & clean place
  • Hand stitching, and thread stitching on sewing machines
  • Such stitching leaves will be used for the top layer
  • The bottom layer will be 8-10 microns bio-degradable low density polyethylene with three ply corrugated sheet at the bottom
  • These plates are pressed for 5 to 8 sec at 120 oc for better curing and bacteria saddle activity
  • Trimming, shaping is done as gentle press

Role of Annapurna

  • Adequate Training to the beneficiaries
  • Help in collection & selection of raw material from the forest
  • Identification of location to set-up the unit
  • Supply of required machinery
  • Maintenance Guidance
  • Supply of other raw material from mandal HQ
  • Collection of finished Goods
  • Payment process to the members of the cluster through bank
  • Welfare benefits like 5 lakhs insurance, ESI and PF
  • Training to cluster Members on the environment Protection in the process of picking up the forest leaves.